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After an arrest for a criminal charge, we understand how important it is that you retain the legal representation that you need to ensure that your case reaches an amicable resolution. At McCall Law Offices, P.C., we have dedicated our practice to assisting those who have been accused of a criminal offense. As respected trial attorneys, we are passionate about our work and can bring forth the highest quality of legal counsel to our clients.

When you are looking to hire a criminal defense lawyer, do not trust your case to just anyone - you need to work with an experienced and dedicated Peoria criminal defense attorney. Our case results speak for themselves. Read them to learn what kinds of results we have achieved for clients with charges similar to yours. If you are facing a criminal charge, now is the time to act and contact our firm as soon as possible to retain the defense that you deserve. Contact McCall Law Offices, P.C. today and schedule your free case evaluation.

2013 Client charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver, specifically 8 pounds of marijuana. Officer stopped client as he turned his right signal to get on the interstate. Client chose to not enter onto the interstate ramp and head North. Officers stopped client’s vehicle, and smelled the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Dogs arrived and alerted the officers to the location of the marijuana. Client was offered 9 years of prison at his first appearance. Client then hired Mr. McCall. After two hearings, Attorney McCall argued the officer had no basis to stop his client’s vehicle, because it is not illegal to initiate a turn signal and then not turn. Felony drug charges were dismissed and the client was given 300 public service hours for failing to drive with a valid license.
2013 Client charged with Aggravated Battery of a Child and Aggravated Domestic Battery; he had a previous conviction for Domestic Battery. In spite of four medical personnel ready to testify for the State, the State dismissed the Felony Charges in the middle of them presenting evidence. Client walked out of court and went home to his family.
2013 Client found not guilty of Battery to mall security, in spite of testimony from two officers eye witnesses and one victim.
2013 DUI charged dismissed before trial after client begs police officer to taze him and admits to drinking 3 alcoholic beverages.
2013 Federal Drug Conspiracy dismissed before trial, even though drugs found on the client's person.
2012 Helped 10 clients get their Driver’s Licenses Reinstated in Springfield and Peoria.
2011 Client charged with Possession of Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance, Class X, and client's niece cooperated and testified for the State. Drugs found in clients vehicle and in her trunk. Client found not guilty because niece had motive, State could not prove possession.
2011 Helped 7 clients get their Driver’s Licenses Reinstated in Springfield and Peoria.
2011 Client sentenced to 25 years of prison with his original attorney for Aggravated Battery with a weapon and Felon in Possession of a Weapon. Appellate Court remanded case back to trial court due to trial attorney's ineffectiveness. Client hired Mr. McCall. Client only convicted of Possession of Weapon by a Felon and served only 3 additional months.
2010 Helped 15 clients get their Driver's Licenses Reinstated in Springfield and Peoria.
2010 Client charged with Official Conduct. Matter dismissed before trial.
2010 DUI charged dismissed before trial. Client originally arrested for driving motorcycle recklessly, and admitting to drinking alcoholic beverages.
2009 DUI charged dismissed at bench trial. Client admitted to drinking and partying all night. Client became aggressive with police officers and called them racially motivated slurs. Mr. McCall argued client was drunk with racism and not alcohol. Client found not guilty.
2008 Client sentenced to 1 day of Federal prison for Federal Possession with Intent to Deliver cocaine.
2007 Client sentenced to 1 day of Federal prison for Drug Conspiracy, where group moved at least 50 pounds of cocaine and several pounds of meth from 2001 until 2003. The drugs came from Houston, Dallas and California, prosecutors have said.
2007 Client sentenced to probation and 180 days of jail for shooting gun in crowded room during Easter fashion show.
2006 Client sentenced to 4 years of Probation after shooting at a car near a local high school and nearly hitting undercover officers in separate sting.
2006 Client charged with Aggravated Battery to a Minor. In spite of purported, unrecorded confession to Detectives and bruises on back and neck of child, client found not guilty to battering baby.
2005 Client had 2 bench warrants in two suburban counties near Chicago for Burglary for his failure to comply with probation. Both cases dismissed without client appearing in court.
2005 Client charged with Aggravated Battery to a Minor. Jurors took about 30 minutes Wednesday to find a Chillicothe man not guilty of shaking his then-5-month-old son so violently that he suffered symptoms of shaken baby syndrome. State's offer was prior to trial was 25 years in prison.
2005 Client charged with Murder. 7.5 hours after a 7 day trial jurors found client not guilty, and client released immediately from jail.

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