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Drug Sales in Illinois

Peoria Drug Crime Lawyer Explains Potential Penalties

Drug sales are rising, and law enforcement officials are on the lookout for perpetrators. If you were arrested and charged with intent to sell drugs or controlled substances, it is vital to your future that you contact a Peoria criminal defense attorney right away. With the guidance of our dedicated legal team, you may be able to obtain a favorable outcome for your criminal case. You could face steep fines, felony convictions, and years in a penitentiary without our assistance.

How Does Illinois Classify Controlled Substances?

The specific penalties you may face will vary depending on the type and amount of drugs found in your possession. The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies illegal controlled substances and large amounts of over-the-counter medications that an individual may use with intent to sell by the schedules system. Each drug is placed into a schedule depending on the potential for abuse and long-term dependence or capacity for inducing psychologically altering states. The schedules are a scale, with Schedule I representing the highest risk of dependency and Schedule V having the lowest.

Have you been arrested for drug sales in Illinois? Our Peoria drug crime attorney is ready to represent you! Call McCall Law Offices, P.C. today at 309-948-5908 or contact us online to get started!

What Are The Penalties for The Illegal Sale of Controlled Substances in Illinois?

Varying degrees of penalties are assigned to the sale and distribution of highly illegal chemicals and drugs such as heroin, cannabis, methamphetamines, as well as specific over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs. You might be charged with a potential drug sale crime if you were arrested for selling prescription drugs and possessing fraudulent or illegal prescription notes. You may also be charged with intent to sell if you have above-normal amounts of over-the-counter medications, such as pain medications or cough syrups, which contain ingredients that can be used to manufacture other illegal drugs, such as meth.

Is Marijuana Legal in Illinois?

Marijuana has been "legalized" in the state of Illinois, but its sales and production are still heavily regulated. While personal possession is generally legal for people over 21, production, sales, and transportation of large amounts still carry similar penalties to before legalization. Any amount over 30 grams of marijuana or 500 milligrams of pure THC is considered possession with the intent to sell, which is illegal. You must have a state-issued license to sell marijuana and comply with all local and county laws.

Defense After an Arrest from McCall Law Offices, P.C.

The Illinois criminal defense system can be challenging to navigate, and you should never attempt to go through it alone. With the guidance of McCall Law Offices, P.C., you can rest assured that your case will be handled by a devoted and highly experienced Peoria drug attorney. At our firm, we believe that we can challenge or frustrate the prosecution's attempt to limit your civil liberties by conducting a thorough investigation into the prosecutor's case, the police records, and witness statements.

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