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Visitation Attorney in Peoria

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We fully understand what your children mean to you. For this reason, we give 100% of our effort to help you secure your rights of visitation with your child. We also understand visitation is one of the most disputed issues in family law. The parties of a divorce often make use of visitation cases as a form of personal vendetta. When you partner with us in your pursuit of visitation rights, you can receive counsel from a knowledgeable Peoria divorce attorney who can work through your case.

Counsel for Visitation Disputes in Illinois

Studies have shown that the overall development in children is very high when both the parents are actively present in their lives. We fully understand how important the parent-child relationship is and how its absence can cause difficulty in the life of a child. Child custody issues often cause a lot of emotional trouble to everybody involved. In such situations, it is best not to lose hope. Instead, it would be best to get in touch with us. Our skilled divorce attorney at McCall Law Offices, P.C. is adept in handling orders of protection, post-judgment actions, and many other aspects of divorce.

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A large number of factors need to be generally considered prior to granting or withholding any form of visitation rights from a parent. In certain situations, it could be very difficult for certain individuals with a history of violence or drug abuse, or any other form of criminal record to gain visitation rights. That does not mean, however, that you should not speak to a lawyer. A qualified legal professional can help you understand your rights and other options that are available to you. Contact our Peoria divorce attorney immediately for help with visitation disputes or any other matter of family law.

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