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Germantown Divorce Attorney

Are you filing for divorce in Germantown? Call our firm.

At McCall Law Offices, P.C., our legal team offers extraordinary qualifications to people seeking marriage dissolution in the Germantown area. Our founder, Attorney Chris McCall, is a former civil prosecutor and Assistant State's Attorney, with a long record of prevailing in difficult cases. When a divorce is imminent, there are often several issues in contention, including child custody and support, property division and alimony. As your personal finances will be affected for many years by a court order in a divorce, ensuring you have professional counsel managing every detail of your case could not be more important.

Why You Need Our Help

A divorce settlement may reach a negotiated settlement, allowing you to avoid the uncertainty and stress of a trial. In some cases, however, there is literally no hope that the other party will compromise on one or more disputed points. If your spouse is making unreasonable demands, and will not back down and reach an equitable compromise, there is no option other than taking the case to trial. When a divorce is difficult, there are several matters in contention, you need an attorney with extensive litigation and trial experience.

We are proud of our many victories for our clients, and invite you to speak with us before you make a decision about your divorce lawyer. There is no question that the abilities exhibited by your attorney, whether in negotiations or at trial, can have a significant bearing on the outcome in a divorce. High net worth divorce cases especially are extremely complex, with a number of crucial issues on the table to resolve, particularly in the division of property and assets. We can discuss your situation, your personal objectives, and what we can do to pursue those objectives.

When we represent a client in a divorce case, we carefully manage every detail of the negotiations. Having served at both civil and criminal trials has given our attorney the ability to predict what the opposing attorney will present. As litigators, we have an exceptional level of experience in case development and presentation, and insight into the various options that could allow your divorce to be settled outside of court, even in cases in which it appears to be impossible. If we do go to trial, we are formidable opponents that can face off with the best.

Contact us today for information about divorce representation in Germantown, IL.

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